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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Orphanage at Sea

He noticed the lip -
of my petticoat,
knew his whisker's
moved when he smiled.

It was his thing the
doorman mumbled, "He
had many things in
one lifetime."

We strolled down to
a river bed - near
rocks where they meet
shells and color

melts into sand -
He waved to the
doorman to fetch a
carriage to travel
further - closer to
the shore.

The horses hoofs once
shined and coat once
white - splashed by
mud from giant wheels,
the carriage man - drove.

In front of us an ocean
grand moved faster -
powerful currents brought
wadding in salt water
to our waists.

Men yelled, told us they
have measured sand and
watched as water spilt
over pillars of homes -
I stared at the orphanage.

We moved back to watch a
wave crash into the boardwalk -
hard candy apples stands
floated out toward the sea,
now a strange color of green.

The palms were talking -
as if to warn us - but foolish
love took over as I whispered,
"They are kissing," and wrapped
myself around his chest. . .

The men yelled, warned us of
the coming storm, and once
again I glanced toward the

His arms loosely holding
me, slipping down to hold
my hand, he knew too a
storm was brewing when the
ocean sucked out all the

The water left the shore,
waves disappeared and far into
the distance a roar I never
heard the likes of before. . .

And still he grinned, his
mustache turned up - he
glanced back for the
carriage man, he too

We never made it to the
boardwalk - he never made
it past the day - and when
I looked to view the
orphanage - I saw children
standing in the ocean on
a roof.

Nancy Duci Denofio

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