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Monday, May 3, 2010


A letter arrived today
from the Government…
medicare will be ignored this
years, no more five percent
raise, that makes $12.00 less,
equals one whole dollar, lost
this New Year.

No more butter, mayonnaise,
cream or real coffee...
will not stimulate
brain cells,
cause the heart
to pump faster, might
keep me asleep so I won’t
know I missed my pills,
my walk, the doctors
appointment, and my
therapist, will wake you up - -

The State of NY collects
five cents on bottled water
and raised the price of bacon
because of the Swine Flu…
Diet bread doesn’t last too
long, and diet soda has a
drug that my rob what neurons
we have left…

Dry toast and Ginger Ale,
like we have a cold everyday.
and water with chocolate, might
keep us alive they say…
At first a drink was horrid,
but now red wine is fine…
Economical champagne is good they tell us,
with diet jelly on fake crackers -
but whose left to party anyway?

You take a walk downtown
because they give us discounts,
ten percent off coffee, decaffeinated
ten percent off transportation, but
nothing much, and you can barely
more – a lady friend wants to use
a taxi, so you give in, - you barely
move – she gives up her high blood
pressure medication, to travel in style…

Broadway, the winds cutting through
those condo’s for one million plus,
have changed the approach to downtown,
Congress Park, and the entrance at
the track…

Tonight we’re meeting at a place
where someone’s telling jokes,
and no ones screaming insanity
into a microphone.
Ten percent off the total bill,
no splitting checks they say…
One table … and one percent divided
by ten, we splurge anyway.

So the Government gives us
advice, on how to get in shape… how
to do ten sit ups; without falling into
our own grave…
The government is telling us we can
go without butter popcorn, salt and
sugar, we can take a bus, if we shouldn’t
be driving a car… and where are we going?

Someday you too will be in our
shoes, when your daughter’s son gets
paid triple what you do…
And, your condo in the city is run down
and most foreclosed because
the city is no more…

Our advice Mr. Government, to you
from all of us…
close your eyes and see the future
and don’t ignore some ones past.

a letter arrived from the
government, cutting income once again...

can't even buy a pill or Tylenol
from the shelf, age, never knew
what it was all about...beyond graying
of ones' hair, mixing up grandchildren’s

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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