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Monday, May 24, 2010

Inside A Taxi

It’s like being inside
a taxi with no place
to go –
You may know who you are –
or where you’ve been – but
how did you get in here
inside this taxi
with no place to go?

Watched a meter spin
And new a stop light was
Stuck on red, and it was
hollering at me in its’ own
silent way, “Good Luck.”
For a moment I thought I
knew where the hell I was
heading, and I yelled out
to the man “Where the hell
are we going? Didn’t we
just pass that stand?”

People jammed the side
Walks and it looked like
Times Square - where people
walk and never talk – then
the taxi man he pointed
in the direction of the
diamond district where
diamonds shine in one big
bucket - I was the one who
said, “Good Luck.”
I shoved my hands
Into my pockets to feel
a wallet in my pants…
Still sitting in this taxi
with no place to go.

There - to my left
the morning show was
Live – NBC floated right
I’m stuck inside this taxi
with no place to go…
“Will someone, Mr. Taxi
man, find out where I’m
going? and where I am
from?” He kept driving
his Taxi, and never said
a word, nothing seemed
important – that was until
I searched inside that
wallet; no name, no plan,
no notes, and no cash…

Felt inside my pockets and
found a twenty dollar bill
my eyes scanned the meter,
yelled, “Please, let me out of here!
All I have is this twenty dollar
bill, but first tell me please
where it is I am at, cause
I’ve been stuck inside your
Taxi with no where else to

Nancy Duci Denofio
All Rights Reserved

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