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Saturday, June 26, 2010

She Told The Governent of the United States

She Told the Government
of the United States

When a child goes to war
your heart breaks
your heart sinks
you do some additional
you pray he makes it home.

I told the Government of
the United States –
something is wrong –
with all that special
intelligence – to find one
man – instead we kill -
and kill some more

our children are like
fire ants – disguised -
no one can see – when
they bite the enemy –
to make them believe.

I don’t believe in war,
and way back when –
if they come over here
too enlist me – I would
have left this damn

When your child leaves
for war – and returns –
takes off his uniform –
we know his attitude
changed, he still thinks
he’s got a gun.

Our Government of the
United States has
brainwashed my child’s
old beliefs.
No more fear –
it’s been rearranged.

I tell the Government of
the United States,
bring back our children. . .
stop bombing cities or
caves where children
live, where children hide
and children die.

No – we won’t know all
about it – our children
never tell – how many
families they have killed.

So your child and their
family try to resume a life,
as if they never held a
gun – as if they never
killed innocent - children,

and, no, we won’t really
know about it, nor will
they try to tell – about a
buddy killed – and tears
drenched a soldiers uniform,
friends scattered into
pieces – body parts on
sand, in city streets. . .
Or tell about the man
who smiled before he
pulled a string – destroying
him and all of those
standing too close -

no one really knows
I tell the Government of
the United States of
America to stop the war –
can’t they understand – we will
never change the way
of living there – nor do we
want to change – except. . .

my child is a stranger – he
was only two when I left
and runs into his mother’s
He looks puzzled when he
sees me – he looks sad –
at night I tell him to pray
extra hard, ask a power
larger then we are, to bring
the war to an end.

Once a leader of our
Government of the United
States of America – he worked
to return to his father’s
seat. Never took him
long to move guards
into play –
Often, I wonder - what really
happened on that dreadful

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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