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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I don’t want to experiment or inventory
or participate with your mind -
It’s my wishful thinking
no doctor knows the scores
or did they read all 32 - volumes

however negative or positive -
since it’s a social situation
needing more then one discussion -
because your history of anxiety
and your sensitivity would cause
you - an acute – stress - disorder. . .

Contrary to the negative, however -
positive - due to – desire, you want
it to be true. . .after our discussion
one reason you emerged - 32 volumes
inaccurately characterized
reflected on reaction suggests
evaluations – to provide
harmonius music

however - negative or positive
since it’s a social situation - needing
more then one discussion because
of your anxiety - your sensitivity
would cause an acute stress disorder

and, I don’t want to experiment
or inventory, or participate
with your mind. . . or send you
home and stamp you cured

or distinguish your potential
you’re afraid to be examined
or designed or recognized –
or would I attempt to categorize

correctly – fearful of a long acting
medication - startle your
creativity to cause a brief image
to get stuck inside your head,
disrupt the external – clinical situation
and mask your desire –

but with your history of anxiety
your sensitivity – it would cause you
an acute stress disorder. . .
so you get stuck in the external –
clinical situation masked
as desire and you muscles burst
with wanting some damn
explanation for a short interval
of happy - knowing damn well your
sensitivity and longing is a sign of
creativity within the hemispheres of
your brain.


amy said...

I absolutely love love love this poem!!!!! It's brilliant and so "Beat" and so...I love everything about it. THe acut-stress-disorder as soon as you introduced that I was hooked and rocked to the core. Most excellent writing!! Thanks!
Amy Sprague

Nancy Denofio said...

Thanks for the GREAT words - and as you can tell I love Bob Dylan - that was the time when his poetry told the world exactly where he was at! Thanks so much for your kind words, and time... Nancy

Margaret Bryant said...

Extremely interesting in every way: form, poetic language, and appearance.
This is a unique work.

Nancy Denofio said...

Thanks Margaret - And you know my work, and you have to admit it is on the different side of my voice. I love Bob Dylan, and it was through his voice I tried to write to him. Not an easy thing to do. Thanks for the comment.