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Thursday, June 17, 2010


A yellow garage with
a padlock – foggy windows
near yellow tulips growing
in our garden –

Told to stay away from
the garage, and never get
to close to foggy windows.

Many times I tried to sneak
up close, but grandmother,
she had eyes – everywhere -

What – exactly was kept
inside, and kept a secret for
a life time?

And, why did we own a
garage, after all - no one
owned a car – back then.

Heard once grandfather
kept bananas safe
away from heat – for
the fruit man.

You told me –
and I remember.

You told me your father -
grandfather - had a job
working - for a fruit company –
he worked for the fruit man.

You told me –
and I remember.

But – you told me your
father – grandfather,
he was killed working
for the fruit man,

The fruit man killed
him -
did – your father –
my grandfather –
kill – all of their bananas?

Nancy Duci Denofio
all right reserved

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