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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Walk Alone

No one knows love
until it’s gone…
you took away
a feeling which is
stirring up a storm,
others never knew
you so well…

I learned early on
to forgive you…
Each day, to shield
myself in armor…
surviving with all
my love…

If sound vanishes,
I hear your voice
and want to run…
even in all your
anger, I loved you

Without a closeness
of two hearts, we
flee to other lands…
I guess I never
minded pain, I

If hurt remains
embedded in my
mind, those times
we shared – no one
else meant more..
pain leaves a broken
heart to store…

I want to reach,
touch, kiss, love…
I want to run,
hide, yet I stood
still… confused

A crutch of hate,
laughter, pain –
joy… feeling anger,
why… why have
you forgotten time, it’s
you dying without

I won’t survive as
armor anymore…
I use to smile, love
life, common trees
and all the
flowers… keeping
peace, making each
day worthwhile..
now in pain, I’ve
turned to stone.

I never dreamed,
you would die the
way you did…
committed to your
silence, there I
stood. How brief
our parting had

With years behind
us, now a vacant
stare, no time to share
with you, my love…
the door is
opened – from up

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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