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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Black Sheep


a doll lays near a
hay stack
in overalls
like Uncle Jim -
black sheep of our

Jim drank his supper -
fell on fresh sheets
on to his feather bed

Disliked by his family
despised by his wife -
a smooth talker,
could flatten you with
words – strangle you
with his eyes –

his best friend died
by his ruthless hand
both drowned in drinks
both cheated and stole
both spent days gambling
but Uncle Jim - he never
got caught – came out
ahead -

one day after a big bust
sleeping in dirty
overalls, snoring on top
of the haystack - side
by side with a rag doll -

not long after he turned
over on his back – his
eyes stared toward beams
his body sinking deeper
in hay

if only he knew it would
be his last day –
but family praised him -
others - still threw
sticks and stones

some played, fingered
the hay as a preacher
prayed -

you see - one really
knew Uncle Jim - all
he had buried close to
the rag doll -
and won

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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