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Saturday, September 25, 2010



On cement steps
leading to our
library -
I closed my eyes -
a face looked
back at me

never knew you
or had you
known me?
Are you dead?

Talking to me
in photographs
deep inside
my mind -

why did I study
your face -
open - close
open - close
these eyes
seeing the same
face -
staring at me.

Your dark hair
short but below
your ears, dark
eyes and pure
white skin.

Your smile not
even slight, not
even a frown -
as if frozen in
time - who are

Were you sending
me a message
or perhaps claimed
the wrong living
soul - you kept
open - close
open - close,
no way to take
your face away.

Not sleeping
I saw people
walking by me
on the Library
steps. A
public place. . .

Where I am -
I never
saw you here
before -
open - close
open - close.
As if a picture
from the inside
of a book was
projected through
a memory of who?
Yes, I love
history too -
and I am sitting
on the library

Will you haunt
me now - or
keep coming
back - perhaps
tonight in a

You want more
from me then
a glance into
the past, I
can feel it.

Are you alone
in heaven?

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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