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Sunday, September 19, 2010



foolish - a woman
lives for diamonds;
how simple to live
with only what one
needs -

how prevalent she
wears high heels -
to wrap herself in fur
to flash gloved hands
to reach to touch a
stranger helping her
to stand...

how remote to see a
smile on her face
how exclusive where
she lays her head
and never prays -
how simple to learn
to smile at a stranger
who smiles back.

When water twists -
turns to find a path
between a woman -
between her life or
our life - there is
no manner, no authority -

her furs - diamonds
white gloves - heals
have all sunk deep into
mud -

no one cares about her
unfrequented mansion
or her individualism
her taste in furniture
or how many windows
face the pacific -

as rock and mud slides
down a mountain -
her clothing disappears
as her pearls lay deeper
into earth then the oyster
where it was born -
into beds of mud -

no one takes her hand -
escorts her from the
back of an open bed truck
where shoulders touch -
strangers who no longer
smile -

rocks, stones -
sticks and mud
have robbed her blind.

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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