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Thursday, October 7, 2010



little girl legs
patent leather shoes
walk - she dances on
her way to school

she gazes up
it shines like a
giant yellow balloon
on top of red brick

little girls
bewildered by its'
size, knows a sound
will cause her fear -
her feet, no longer
dance - instead
now dragging feet
across cement

a large yellow
balloon warns of
war - of bombs,
death - no family
sirens sound - hurts
small ear - or does
it hurt a mind calling
out in the middle of a
day -

together walk
little girls and boys
against a wall,
down two flights
of stairs to a
basement floor

neat - arms at their
side - straight -
no one laughs,
no one cries

small bodies sit
facing a putrid wall
of green - indian
style; girls bare
legs kiss gray cement
floors - heads touch
cold walls

hot air - inhale,
exhale, inhale on
bare flesh - eyes
closed - arms - hands
wrapped around a child's

all clear - a sound
erases fear as smiles
appear, pushing -
shoving - joking -

until another day
unwrapped arms,
uncrossed legs -
hot air no longer
on little girl legs

Nancy Duci Denofio


Myrna R. said...

I just read your interview on "Writing Without Paper" and decided to check out your blog. Glad I did. Love this poem and I'm thrilled at the story of your discovery. What a world.

Good luck with all your publications.

Nancy Denofio said...

Myrna you are so sweet, and I thank you for all those kinds words. I am also pleased you have come to visit, and hope you have seen all five blogspots, check them out on the dashboard. Sincerely, and a big word of thanks, Nancy