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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You Vanished In A Storm

A faint moon lights your face -
Although some say you vanished
In a storm -

Still I see your eyes as you
stare into mine - passion - our
appetite to love -

Has not been taken in spite
of certain death.
Perhaps no one sees as we do

Your face will never leave –
your face brings me back to
our last day – waves spill
over a rocky show – you
and I embraced while
sand coated our bodies -

You see - I would not let you
go - I held you – whispered
in your ear, kissed your ear
lobe - but a force stronger
pulled you from me.

I recall our hands slipping
and at last our touch of skin
falling from one another’s

This place where I stand -
I shall return no matter the
distance I must travel –
Your face will still be alive
in the sea at moonlight –
Your face an instrument of
life after death - keeping
me alive.

And now as moonlight
fades and a sun slips into
distant water.
I say good bye –
once more.

Nancy Duci Denofio

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