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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Her Open Window

Fresh steps in snow
reveal her footprints -
as evening paints her
garage a deeper shade
of yellow – as squirrels
leap over steep banks
of snow – a black crow
circles dried toast, she
tossed from the
it was her window…

Small red beans attached
to thorns - her bushes
coated with ice -
crack – letting color peak
from winters coat – the
sun disappears behind the
garage - near tulips
fighting to be born
again - near pears resting
on the ground. . .

Her round pedestal table
is cold, naked without
her special table cloth -
hand sewn flowers at the
edge - dried flowers
on display from last
summer. . .

Her pedestal table near
a second floor window -
now cluttered with
notes . . .
A wind enters - from
the second
window –
notes tossed
I rush to gather paper -
another gust of wind
enters from her
window. . .

Nancy Duci Denofio
(c)all rights reserved


DazyDayWriter said...

Beautiful poem, Nancy. Glad I ventured by your blog today. Poetry is one of the loveliest aspects of life ... I've concluded. Best spring wishes, Daisy @ www.daisyhickman.com

Nancy Denofio said...

Dazy Day Writer - it has been wonderful since you entered my writing life, and I feel so pleased when you or others find time for writing and commenting. Thank you so much. Remember, it is appreciated. Sincerely, Nancy