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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WINDOW VIEW - Train Ride from NYC to Florida

(a train ride from NYC
to Florida)

cement mountain
parking lots, homes from
eighteen fifty five

blue, plastic train -
river - slime near a
coral fence, ships in
corn fields

giant bridges near muddy
water, beneath
cable cars, run down
darkness stretches shadows

white lace foam
past an island
past cement pilings
near nuclear waste -
cloudy water,
lost its’ reflection a boat
sailing in a murky river
near graffiti, broken

cops and robbers on the
prowl - cafe, bar,
platform vacant...
storage bins, garage -
tires, high wire
acts, tin soldiers
cement birthing weeds...

metal machines, rusted
plows of sunshine
sailboats of distant dreams...
cement castles, red roofs
sea gulls flying high

broken homes near
swamps, a warehouse
empty, a parking lot
a hard hat rests
on a splintered bench,

a bearded man sleeps
inside a railroad car
imagining the ride

Eighteen wheeler, orange
cones, flying lumber
trains... close to a prison
gate, wired fenced,
comfort station closed,
stone arches,
playground panic
disturbing dreams.

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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